Corporate Catering Services

Corporate catering refers to the provision of food, drinks and amenities for meetings and conferences hosted by companies. It involves hiring a facility provider who will organize the meals and other amenities for the corporate guests in return for a fee. Some corporate catering services to cater to all types of business events, while others specialize in particular types of events. There are even some companies that only cater to the needs of small businesses. In the United Kingdom, several catering services provide free quotations, so businesses can assess their requirements easily.

The market for corporate caters has grown dramatically over the past few years. This is largely due to the fact that companies have to be more efficient and competitive in their operations. Hence, it has become essential for them to choose reliable catering service providers. Catering services usually provide the following services: setup of meeting room, housekeeping, bar, refreshments at the venue, menu planning and arrangement, transportation to the venue, decoration of the conference rooms etc. Apart from these services, corporate caters also provide the following services: receptionist services, audio-visual programming, media sales, hotel administration, event planning, catering, program implementation and distribution, HR management, marketing strategies, guest relations, event promotion, and event promotion.

Catering services vary in terms of their degree of involvement. A corporate catering company usually organizes events such as seminars, product launch events, business presentations, awards ceremonies etc. where their expertise lies. Their corporate catering services include the following areas: venue selection, location of the corporate events, the types of food served, entertainment and hospitality support, bar management, bar services, bar tender, catering/ buffet, wedding reception, and wedding disbursement. Corporate catering companies usually provide assistance to their clients for choosing the best restaurant for the corporate events.

For corporate catering, many event managers choose to outsource the catering needs to corporate catering companies because they are able to hire fully-qualified professionals with professional experience in the field. While hiring corporate catering services, the event organizers need to ensure that the corporate catering company has enough knowledge about food service, event planning, and event management. Other factors to be considered while choosing an event management company include the credibility and reputation of the firm, its years of experience, credibility of its staff, ability to work within a tight deadline, competitive pricing, ability to deliver special offers and discount on the food, and the timeliness of the service delivery.

Apart from providing corporate catering services, the organizers of corporate events can use catering consultants to execute the overall catering plan and organize a great event. The professional catering consultants help in creating menu plans, selecting appropriate foods, selecting ideal lighting, and picking suitable beverages. The consultants also help in menu customization. They make sure that every meal, snack, and lunch are catered according to the specific taste and budget of each guest. Corporate catering consultants also help in organizing the overall party and help in deciding between different buffet options.

Catering services are very essential for various corporate functions such as conferences, conventions, tradeshows, meetings, training programs, and awards and events. Catering services ensure that the organizers have the perfect blend of elegant presentation and effective administration. The main objective of corporate catering is to enhance the corporate image, brand awareness, and customer relations. Corporate catering services are available at reasonable rates and can cater for a large number of guests.

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