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Miami, we have come a long way since the days of the rat pack. For years, I have dreamed about being on vacation somewhere in Miami where I would not have to tolerate rude people or eat rotten food. I have dreamed of being served by a very friendly server who knows what’s best for me. I have dreamt of going on an incredible adventure with my friends and family to a place that makes all my dreams become true. We want to share these dreams with you, and introduce you to some of the most outstanding places to eat and drink in Miami, Corporate Catering.

corporate catering

Born south Florida: Located on the beautiful Gulf shores of south Florida, Boynton Beach is a small, exclusive oasis. Jack Nicklaus was born in Boynton Beach and has spent most of his life in this area. “I grew up on the east coast so I always associated Boynton Beach with southern hospitality,” says Nicklaus. “My family has operated a number of restaurants here including my own, The Woodsman.”

Man associated with Miami-Dade County since its inception. “Carmelita” is operated by Carmelita Hospitality which is operated by Jon Bon Jovi. “Carmelita offers guests the chance to experience something unique and out of the ordinary,” says Bon Jovi. “It is also one of the few hospitals in the world that has a location in a rehab.” The hospital owns and operates three hospitals including the John Joseph Medical Center on Biscayne Bay. “Carmelita is a great place for families to visit,” says Bon Jovi.

Located on the north end of Miami-Dade County, the restaurant Cipollino is managed by Jose Maria and Costanzo Gennaro. “Cipollino’s creativity and style have won multiple awards,” says Jose Maria. Guests will experience a fine selection of specialty foods prepared by Jose Maria and Costanzo Gennaro which is made from the finest local and imported ingredients, Corporate Catering

Chef Hector Ceballos operates The Chefs Bar at Boca Raton, which serves guests a variety of Latin inspired entrees. “When it comes to preparing a Latin-inspired menu, our chefs really do their homework well,” says Cipollino. “The recipes are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are freshly prepared and delicately prepared.” “The chefs bring their personal flare to every dish and create an unforgettable experience for our guests,” adds Cipollino.

In addition to boasting a stellar collection of Latin inspired fare The Chefs Bar at Boca offers diners the opportunity to experience the best of contemporary cuisine as well. Guests will be treated to a five-course meal that features many different entrees such as Arroz con Pollo, Serrano Chile Risotto, Chile Ristorante, Flautas De Pollo, and Horchata con Carne. The impressive beverage selection includes complimentary tall glasses, margaritas, sangria, juices, and marinas. Dining with a skilled culinary staff and a private bar makes The Chefs Bar at Boca Raton a delightful location for business travel and personal entertaining.

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