What to Look For In a Personal Chef

A private chef or personal chef is an individual or company that is hired to prepare and cook food for other clients and cooks at the client’s homes, depending on their personal preferences and dietary requirements. They have the necessary skill sets to prepare, cook, and deliver excellent food. A high school graduate who has good culinary […]

Things to Consider When Hiring a Private Chef For Your Party

Private Chef Miami is a business that is set up to provide the services of private chefs in the Miami area. These chefs are very professional and know what they are doing. They know exactly what will happen at your event so that everything runs smoothly and you will leave the event as happy as you […]

Private Event Planner and Catering Services

Private Chef Miami is a high class catering business that provides personalized service for any kind of business occasion. The food you serve as a private caterer in our Miami area will astound your clients and guests. We are located in the Sun Life Plaza, Suite 150, Miami, Florida, United States. We have over 20 years […]

Kosher Private Chef: What Makes a Good Kosher Chef

Having a kosher private chef in your company is now easily possible, and anybody can afford that little luxury. At a wedding at home, especially, it’s often hard to find oneself between all of the business of preparing the meal and the reception itself. When you are running a restaurant or catering business, there is one less […]

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